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About Us

Bullfrog Cellars is a private winery located in California's Sierra Nevada foothills. We produce fine red and white wines as amateur winemakers. We have been growing grapes and making wines for over 23 years.

Bob and Sue have been active in wine judging both as judges and as managers of a variety of wine competitions. We developed the first computer automation for the California State Fair Home Winemaking Competition. This was first accomplished on an Apple II. (I suppose that dates us doesn't it!)

Bob has a broad variety of wine experience. In addition to winemaking and wine consulting he has bonded a winery, attended classes at UC Davis and the Wine Lab, and taught winemaking. He has developed several wine making seminars suited to the novice through intermediate wine maker.

Sue is our vineyard manager in addition to being involved in the winemaking. We have an old vineyard, 35-40 years old, which is being gradually replanted and downsized.

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Current Projects

*    We are expanding our Critical Tasting initiative. We believe that to gain both an appreciation as well as a developed palate you must sample wine. Lots of it. To that end, we create opportunities for individuals to practice critical evaluation of wines. Over time, we will be evaluating each of the wines commercially produced in Placer County, with the results to be published online.

*    Working on the vineyard - that task never actually goes away. Our vineyard was planted 6’ x 6’. This spacing made it difficult to work and impeded airflow through the vineyard. This last year we removed every other row. The results were encouraging. We will begin re-planting this year.

*    Travel – We just got back from the South of France where we, along with other winemakers, took a barge trip in the Rhone visiting small wineries. It was wonderful. We have a trip to Mexico planned after the first of the year.

*     Breaking into the freelance photographer's market. Sue took 2500 pictures on our trip to France. She plans to produce two books of the trip. One will feature the barge and people. The other will cover the sites we visited along with brief histories. Visit her web site at Sue has shut down her web store at and will do something else with that site.

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Friends of the Winery Club

We have numerous friends who have worked with us over the years. Our Friends of the Winery Club keeps us all in touch and is open to new friends. Visit our Friends of the Winery Club web page for more details.

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Short Hoppers Club

The Short Hoppers Club is a walking/hiking club for those who enjoy the great outdoors and are using walking and/or hiking for enjoyment or health reasons. We provide information about a variety of walks and hikes in the local region. Visit our Short Hoppers Club web page for more details.

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Favorite Links

*     Sue's writer and photographer web site – a site set up for Sue's writing and photography.

*     Carpe Vino – a wine bar located in Old Town Auburn, CA. As well as having a great selection of wine for purchase, they always have a couple of multiple tastings available for a great price.

*     Burning Man - an art festival held every year the week before Labor Day in the Nevada desert. Bullfrog Cellars sponsors the Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro every year.

*     Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro - the web site of the Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro.

*     Placer County Wine and Grape Association - the web site of the association for Placer County in California.

*     Sacramento Home Winemakers - the web site of the Sacramento area home winemakers club. This is a great club to join if you're interested in learning how to make your own wine.

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Contact Information

E-mail addresses

Web address

You’ve already found our web page, but here it is again:

Phone Numbers

(530) 878-7056

(530) 305-1617 (Bob’s cell)

(530) 305-4546 (Sue’s cell)

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Last revised: November 18, 2008